Now in Virginia!

Recently I have joined the team at Veterinary Surgical Centers Rehabilitation in Virginia. Here I work with an amazing team of boarded surgeons, rehab doctors and rehab technicians. At this group I can provide consultations, radiographs (including PennHIP), CT and MRI as well as diagnostic musculoskeletal ultrasound. For treatment options we have shockwave, platelet rich plasma, adipose derived progenitor cells as well as other therapies.

The surgery department can evaluate and treat joints arthroscopically and total hip replacements are done regularly with Dr. Anke Langenbach who is the co-owner. The surgery department also provides soft tissue, oncologic and neurologic surgical services.

Our rehab team includes me, Dr. Cameron Weber (certified in rehab and acupuncture) as well as Kirsten Oliver (VTS Physical Rehabilitation) and Jessie Pulley (certified in rehab and pain management). We also work with a fantastic team of licensed veterinary technicians to provide anesthesia monitoring during procedures and veterinary assistants to facilitate our consults and rehab sessions.

I look forward to working with this team, getting to know primary care veterinarians and clients in the area and helping all patients with their mobility issues.

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Canine Manual Therapy

For veterinary rehab professionals –

If you’re interested in adding manual therapy (massage, joint mobilizations) to your knowledge base and aiding your patients, check out the UT CCRP Manual Therapy Course.

This combo online and live course is for those already certified in rehab therapy. Once you’ve completed the online portion you can attend the 3 day hands on course. I will be teaching this in Connecticut later this year and we are aiming to bring it to the west coast in 2020!

Thank you,

Dr. Matt

For Rehab Professionals

Already certified in rehab but trying to keep up with all the learning? Wanting to do it from home and at your pace? Want an on-line discussion forum for all things veterinary rehab? Then check out VSMRI – The Veterinary Sports Medicine and Rehabilitation Institute.

I am honored to be part of a great team that brings this new platform to the veterinary rehab community. Looking forward to seeing you there!


Dr. Matt

Epidurals for Canine Chronic Back Pain

For some dogs with chronic lumbosacral disease an epidural injection of cortisone can be used to help relieve pain. I have done many of these procedures with good outcomes. If you are interested to see if this is an option for your dog, please set up a consult with me at Queenstown Veterinary Hospital.

To read more about this condition please check out my previous post on it here:

Kinesiology Taping for Dogs/Cats

I get asked a lot of questions about using kinesiology tape in veterinary rehab. It can be a useful tool for pain mitigation, inflammation reduction and improving proprioception.

I have a previous blog post on it here.

If you’re interested in learning more about taping – please check out this webinar.

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New Availability

I have joined the team at Queenstown Veterinary Hospital ( providing sports medicine and rehabilitation services. This is a great general practice on the Eastern Shore of Maryland. You do not have to be a client of Queenstown to see me; I will work with your primary care in a team approach in caring for your pet.

To set up a consultation please call Queenstown at 410-827-6776.