A moment for record keeping

In our current information age, knowing your pet’s medical history has never been easier. Many veterinary hospitals are going green and now store their patient’s medical records on their computer’s database. These hospitals can provide you with your pet’s medical record as an e-mail attachment. If your hospital hasn’t caught up with this new technology, they can provide you with photocopies of the necessary records. The copies can be scanned and saved to your home computer. Radiographs (X-rays) can also be burned onto a CD or transferred to a thumbdrive and downloaded at home.

This information can be important if you are traveling with your pets. It is easy to keep your pet’s records with you on your smart phone or laptop. This can be indispensable for those pets on chronic medications or with chronic conditions. Having this information could be critical should you have to go to an emergency room in the middle of the night for your pet; that staff will have all the information your daytime primary care doctor has.

With our pets living longer and getting more detailed medical care, it becomes necessary to have accessible medical records.  It only takes a moment to request them and can save time, money and lives.


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