One Step Closer

I am proud to announce that I have passed my certification exam for the International Veterinary Academy of Pain Management ( Over the next six months, I will be submitting two case reports for review to the academy. Pending review of those, I will then have the title CVPP, which stands for Certified Veterinary Pain Practitioner. In order to keep my certification current, I will have an annual requirement of continuing education hours specifically in the area of pain management

The certification covers all aspects of pain management. Acute aspects of pain such as trauma and controlling pain during and after surgery, to managing chronic pain from arthritis, cancer and nerve damage. It includes aspects of pain control from medications such as morphine

If you have questions on whether your pet is in pain, because it can be hard to tell, please contact me. Together we can work on maintaining your pet’s active happy lifestyle.


The Best of Both Worlds

As I am getting settled back here in the area, I am privileged to be working at two phenomenal practices. This allows me to provide my services and experience to different parts of the capital district.

At New Baltimore Animal Hospital I am able to do general practice, as well as orthopedic consultations and surgery. I am also developing a rehabilitation and pain management clinic here.

At the Northway Animal Emergency Clinic , I am available for those patients in need of critical care. This practice is open overnight (from 6pm-8am on weekdays), as well as all weekends and holidays. My background in pain management is applied here to the critical patient and stabilizing them. When indicated, I can also provide emergency surgical services.

Each of these practices has a dedicated and knowledgeable staff with training specific to my patients specific needs. I have had great experiences already at each location, and am looking forward to many more.