Kinesiology Taping for Dogs

I have been working with RockTape to investigate the use of kinesiology taping for dogs. For those of you not familiar with taping, this is the process of applying adhesive, stretch cotton weave tape to work on fascia. Fascia is the connective tissue between muscle planes that allows for fluid movement of the body. Injuries, adhesions, aging, and other processes can cause fascial damage and discomfort.

The concept of kinesiology taping in people has been well established and verified. RockTape has developed and researched applications for equine taping. I have attended an equine course (RockTape Equine) through NorthEast Seminars and learned a lot.

I am working with NorthEast Seminars and RockTape to develop a taping training course for canines. I am finding a number of applications for the tape (post-operative swelling, joint support, body awareness after spinal cord injury, to name a few) and look forward to learning more about it. As an adjunct treatment option in the multimodal approach to animal pain management and rehabilitation, it is very helpful.

To learn more about taping, check out these links:

Go stronger, longer.


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