New diagnostic and treatment options

Recently, I’ve added two new technologies to my practice.

The first is the Mi-Eye diagnostic arthroscope. This hand held, portable technology allows me to see inside a joint (knee, hip, elbow, shoulder, hock, or carpus) in patients to accurately determine the extent of damage to the cartilage, ligament, tendon, and other structures. This can be done under sedation as an outpatient procedure.

The second is a treatment modality I added is the Companion Regenerative Medicine System. This provides in-house processing of both bone marrow (for stem cell preparation) and whole blood (for platelet rich plasma, PRP) processing to then inject into tendons, ligaments, and joints to aid in healing and pain relief. This procedure is also done under sedation on an outpatient basis.

To learn more about these technologies check out the links below. To discuss if these can be beneficial to your pet please contact me at: or message me through the blog.

I look forward to helping you and your pets in their diagnosis and recovery.



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